“…a passionate dreamer or an inventive architectural designer..?”

Yes, we will Talk about design, architectural design: how to mix cleanness of Italian design with the smoothness of Scandinavian architecture and mixing modern with vintage and antique styles….exciting what will Be at the end??!??
She is a “curious globe trotter, a fun mother, a passionate dreamer, and an inventive architectural designer”. Chantal Dussouchaud is originally from France, but worked in US and lives in the Netherlands.
She is full of optimism and spreads her energy to the surroundings.
Each detail is unique because Chantal puts a lot of effort, love and passion in her work.
As an architectural designer, she builds a house as a space where energy has to flow, where people should feel at ease in every room, where the light (artificial and natural) is a total part of the whole, where the outdoor flirts constantly with the indoor, where some corners offer unusual visual surprises and some rooms definitely have a “wow” factor.
IMG_0316 IMG_8878
Her forte is the transformation of discarded objects and the art of giving a second life to things: a branch becomes an art piece, a tablecloth on which she has been painting for months becomes a painting itself.
Everything in her environment is a great source of inspiration, however She is fascinated  and totally moved by nature, its colors, its authenticity, its grandeur, its elegance: the way a leaf will leave a mark on the pavement, how the sun will create magical shadows on a metal bridge…
Everyone who witnessed her work desired to re-create some detail or other in their interior. Just have a look, how an antique chest with a modern counter-top combines old and new in the bath. “I love combining modern with traditional, expensive design with affordable design,” says Dussouchaud. “I have a good eye for spotting something unique in a thrift shop or something ordinary that will become extraordinary once put in another environment.”
IMG_0124 IMG_0479
But that’s not everything… When she is not remodeling a house for a client, Chantal puts her endless energy in art and her love for words on all kinds of canvas: fabric, wood, furniture, bare walls…

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